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Norman Garrett, EdD

Norman Garrett is Professor Emeritus of Management Information Systems at Eastern Illinois University’s School of Business. He is retired from full-time teaching but still teaches several courses each year for Eastern Illinois University and the University of Illinois.  He still enjoys the interaction with the students, but is retired from full-time work and research after 49 years in education, including stints as a high school teacher and administrator, a community college teacher and dean, a university administrator, and a professor for the past 32 years.  He has earned the Master Online Teacher certificate from the University of Illinois and has been developing online courses for the past 15 years.

Over those 49 years, there were periods where he left academia for industry (and continued teaching night classes part-time). During those interludes, he worked as a system engineer, academic computing specialist, programmer/analyst, and a chief information officer. Those experiences were very helpful in his later academic career, but he always seemed to gravitate back to full-time teaching or administrative duties. It seemed that he couldn’t stay away for more than a few years at a time. At heart, he’s always been an educator.

Dr. Garrett has always been involved in technology and has taught courses in programming, advanced networking, web design, and MBA level management information systems.  He has been exploring and experimenting with AI for many years and enjoys sharing that expertise here.



Norman Garrett